Placement of Bone Graft

Routine Postoperative Instructions following Oral Surgeryshould be followed, in addition to these special instructions unique to your surgery.


There are various different types of bone grafting material. Many of them are granular and it is not unusual to see or feel sandy or gritty bits on your tongue or cheek in the days following your surgery. DO NOT DISTURB YOUR SURGERY SITE with your tongue or any foreign object; such as dentures. NO PRESSURE around surgical area.


The site the bone was harvested from is often the most painful area. This is normal. Bone marrow harvests from the hip will have a small dressing. You may remove this dressing tomorrow and a small Band-Aid or one of the provided dressings may be applied. It is not uncommon to see bruising around the site of the hip harvest. If you notice bleeding on the dressing, apply firm pressure for 30 minutes.


NO chewing or pressure on the surgical sites for 6 weeks or until otherwise directed.

Please follow the individual instructions you receive on the day of your surgery.


Smoking causes decreased circulation and irritation of oral mucosa. This will greatly increase the healing time required (the body’s ability to develop a matrix of bone around the graft) and puts you at a very high risk of complications. (Infection and loss of bone graft)  DO NOT SMOKE


Self-dissolving sutures are routinely used. These will release or dissolve in 1 – 6 weeks. Please do not disturb the sutures, allow them to dissolve on their own. On occasion, we use a nylon suture which will need to be removed. You will be informed if this applies to you. Wash the sutures with the syringe provided.


Full dentures or partial plates may not be worn until modifications have been made. You will be informed when you may have your prosthesis modified on the day of your surgery. Insertion of the dentures too early may jeopardize a successful healing process. When partials or dentures are adjusted they must not be touching or impinging on the surgical area at all.

Temporary prostheses, dentures or partial dentures are intended for cosmetic purposes only. NO chewing or pressure on the prosthesis and surgical site until your Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon allow it.


You may require a follow-up appointment after your surgery. This appointment may already be made for you, or you may be instructed to contact our office to schedule it. Please follow the instruction given you the day of your surgery. If the prearranged appointment is not suitable, please contact our office to change your date or time. 

If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to call our office at Edmonton Office Phone Number 780-454-6565 or 1-800-379-9474. If your call is not answered by the answering service, hang up and call again in five minutes. We apologize for this inconvenience as the lines may be occupied by other callers. There is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon on call ALL HOURS OF THE DAY.

 WE PREFER THAT YOU CALL OUR OFFICE FIRST RATHER THAN YOUR OWN DENTIST OR FAMILY DOCTOR. However, if you are experiencing severe bleeding or breathing problems requiring IMMEDIATE ATTENTION, please proceed to the nearest Emergency Department or Dial 911.

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